KOSA Projects

Some of the projects that need to be worked on.

i) Tarmacking the main road and the entire school to rid the school of dust.

ii) Unfinished two storied building to house the dining hall at the ground floor, computer laboratory complex, the first floor and a modern library on the second floor.

iii) Construction of a new administration block, the plan is already drawn.

iv) Completing the second floor of the girl’s dormitory and provision of shower rooms on that block.

v) Re-roofing of the entire school buildings.

vi) Redesigning and completion of the main hall to eliminate the echo that occurs while addressing big gatherings.

vii) Construction of flash toilets inside the dormitories.

viii) Construction of modern sports facilities within the school

ix) Construction of New and Modern science laboratories to enhance the learning of sciences.

x) Construction of the chapel for worship purposes only.

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