Dear old students of Katikamu SDA Secondary School. Allow me use this opportunity as the sitting head teacher to greet you in the precious name of the Almighty God.

Wherever you are, it has been a long time since you left Katikamu and I want also to take this opportunity to thank our Lord and God for the development and progress you have made since you left the school. As management whenever we think about the students that have passed through this school, we have you in mind. We have a burning desire to have you come back ‘home’ to share with us your experiences while you were here.

Dear old students, I have been forced to get a pen to write to you because as it is in the book of Nehemiah 2:2 I am sad. That which makes me sad is your school. Over the years this school has produced influential and powerful people like you. Because of you, its products, Katikamu SDA Secondary School is known far and beyond the borders of Uganda. It is because of you that this school is great.

If it were not for that then your school is simply an ordinary school. This I say because nothing much has changed in terms of infrastructure for the last ten years or so. The same old classrooms still exist. The dusty road through the school the same old administration building, etc.

This state of affairs has challenged me to write to you and speak like Nehemiah 2:4-5 that it is time for you to stand up, come back and rebuild Katikamu SDA Secondary School.

With the coming of North Buganda Field and the development plans it has, Katikamu SDA Secondary School as a major institution in the field cannot afford to remain the same.

Some of the projects that need to be worked on include:

  1. Tarmacking the main road and the entire school, to rid the school of dust.
  2. Unfinished two storied buildings to house the dining hall at the ground floor, computer laboratory complex, the first floor and a modern library on the second floor.
  • Construction of a new administration block, the plan is already drawn.
  1. Completing the second floor of the girl’s dormitory and provision of shower rooms on that block.
  2. Re-roofing of the entire school buildings.
  3. Redesigning and completion of the main hall to eliminate the echo that occurs while addressing big gatherings.
  • Construction of flash toilets inside the dormitories.
  • Construction of modern sports facilities within the school
  1. Construction of New and Modern science laboratories to enhance the learning of sciences.
  2. Construction of the chapel for worship purposes only.

These and many more projects are the reasons why Katikamu SDA Secondary School is crying out to its sons and daughters of KOSA to give it a new face and make it truly a model school in the country, as the vision of the school states.

With the little income from the fees collected, other than supporting the working force of 167 workers in terms of salaries and wages, some developments have been achieved like;

  1. Construction of the girls’ and boys’ flash toilets at the school.
  1. Paving some walk ways at the school and in the girls’ dormitory.


  • Renovation of the matron’s house.


  1. Improved drainage system through construction of a new system.


  1. Construction of the ground floor of the dining hall and completion of construction of a new kitchen.


  1. Renovation of one classroom block.


  • Start work of construction of a new gate.


And many other achievements.  Now is the time for you as old students to stand up and give a helping hand in the transformation of your school for it to take up its place as a model school in the country.

Looking forward to your favourable response.



Yours Ever,

Namansa Julius (Mr.)



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